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Selling Your Vehicle

We have found that Customers feel greater confidence when buying from a garage and that people are often less comfortable selling their vehicles privately therefore we can sell your vehicle for you.

To aid the sale of your vehicle we will:

  • Advertise it on our website and on Ebay Motors. We also run monthly advertisements with various VW Magazines and whenever possible will include your vehicle.

  • Utilise social network platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

  • Enable customers to view your vehicle in our paddock, Monday to Saturday during working hours where we will be present throughout the viewing to promote your vehicle and answer any questions.

  • Facilitate test drives which will be covered by our insurance.

  • Take telephone and email enquiries 7 days a week.

  • Keep your vehicle polished and regularly clean the windows.

  •  (please note,it is very important NOT to cancel your vehicle insurance until the vehicle has been sold and the documentation and payment completed).The vehicle is insured while on the premises but but if you have agreed value it might be best to claim on your own 

  • Provide a 3 month warranty on all vehicles sold.


We request

  • Delivery of your vehicle to us in a roadworthy condition with tax and MOT.

  • For all personal belongings that are not included in the sale to be removed.

  • For the interior to have been cleaned (or for you to cover the cost of a valet)

  • To provide us with a list of all faults known to you.

  • To provide us with the relevant vehicle documentation.


If a sale is agreed, payment will be made to you by bank transfer.

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